What is Remarketing?

Too often, visitors find the information they need without taking the action they want – like make a purchase, provide contact information, or request information.  This is your target audience – knowledgeable and familiar with you, and ready to act on the right message. We reconnect you with your audience through active online retargeting advertising. Last year, everyone treated ‘Search’ separately from ‘Display.’ Today, search and display are easily linked within your Google Adwords Account. We set up your Google Remarketing program and bring back searchers who have visited your site by flooding the web with your messages on the Google Display Network. The GDN reaches over 70% of the web surfers, and you are guaranteed that the audience who sees your ad is interested in YOU. That’s because we tag your site with a Google Tracking Pixel in order to follow that visitor wherever they go on the web. When they reach a site that is on the Google Display Network, they see your ad!

what is remarketing


                                                      Is Audience Segmentation
With our pixel technology, segment your site visitors based on the pages they visit, then reach them with an ad that is matched and relevant to their interests.

                                                     Is A Frequency Medium
The missing piece for online the display ad market has been the inability to reach select audiences with the frequency required to motivate a response.
With search retargeting, you can apply the frequency goals you want in order to encourage return visits from your audience.

                                                  Measures Your Audience
Your ad becomes the medium to measure exactly who sees your ad and then interacts with your site. Demographic and Geographic profiles allow us to build snapshots of your particular audience in order to design more effective media plans.

                                               Measures Your Ad
Test different offers and creativity as often as you need. With retargeting, you can A/B test your ad, compare static ads to animated versions, measure the ability of your creativity to build response and drive results. You build on what is proven to work.

                                         Harnesses All Web Sites to Reach Your Audience
Your retargeting message will appear on a brand name, highly-ranked sites that your audience loves to visit. With our ability to deliver over 90% of the world’s internet traffic, your ad will be reliably delivered time and time again.

                                                 Builds Relationships
With search retargeting, your visitor becomes part of your audience to communicate with however you wish, whenever you wish, wherever you wish. Your ad can speak to your common interests. So tell them more about your product or service, because your audience wants to hear from you.

                                           The Search Retargeting Pixel
Using our search retargeting pixel technology your site visitors are identified. One by one, as more visitors come to your site and are served the retargeting pixel, the larger your audience grows to whom you can deliver your custom ad message. With the retargeting pixel, you build an exclusive audience based on their interest in your site. At any time, you can reach your audience on any site they visit to promote your message you want them to have. And, based on pages they searched, your message can be custom to their specific interests.

In the blink of an eye, your retargeting pixel information is identified on the Google Display Network. The retargeting pixel tracks the sites that your visitors surf. Your personal ad network is designed for your visitors, by your visitors. The retargeting pixel ensures that your ad always appears at the right place and at the right time.

Once a visitor comes to your site, talk to them like you know them, because they know you. Tell them more about your product or service, build your brand, however you want them to think about you, go ahead and say it. Because with retargeting, it’s your audience to talk to.

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