Why do you need a PPC Audit?

  • April 13, 2020
  • February 6, 2021
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Paid Marketing Campaigns Have A High Degree Of Accounting Practices Embedded Within Them – And Like A Firm’s Accounts, PPC Campaigns Can Avoid Pitfalls And Embrace Efficiency By Having Regular Campaign Audits. CopperBridge Audit Team Works Alongside The PPC Marketing Team – Thus Providing A Meaningful Option For The Client To Implement The Audit Results Simultaneously – Along With The Assurance Of A Guaranteed ROI.

Some Of The Most Successful PPC Campaigns Have PPC Audits Integrated And Scheduled Within The Marketing Timeline – For More Reasons Than Mentioned Below.

  • Isolating The Structural And Strategical Issues Of The Campaign Which Are Major Show-Stoppers
  • Google Adwords Is Still Evolving And There Are Best Practices Which Are Introduced At Regular Intervals. Embracing These Best Practices Gives Your PPC Campaign An Edge Over Your Competition. In Order To Leverage The Strategic Benefits, Scheduled PPC Audits Should Be Part Of The Campaign
  • Every Campaign Needs To Scale Up Once Maturity Is Achieved. But, In The Absence Of A Planned Audit, The Utilization Of The Increased Budget Will Not Yield The Expected Results
  • Eliminate Non-Performing Elements Of The Campaign
  • Introduce New Strategies At The Right Moment For Campaign Optimization
  • Every Campaign Needs To Be Tuned In And Responsive To Market Trends. This Can Only Be Achieved Through Regular Account Audits – For Consistency In Campaign ROI And Growth

Whether You’re Doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising On Your Own, Using A PPC Agency, Managing It In-House, Or If You Are Just Worried About How To Take It To The Next Level, We Can Provide You No-Obligation PPC Audit & Review.

Our Clients Are Often Surprised When We Show Them What We Discover. Most PPC Accounts Rarely Change. They Have The Same Set Of Eyes Looking At Them For Months Or Even Years.

Our Checklist audit looks at:

Ad copy, and landing page relevancy
Bidding and bid adjustment
AdGroups Bids
Keywords & Match Types
Negative Keywords
Quality score
Conversion Tracking & Analytics
Ad Extensions
locations & Devices
Landing Pages
What’s Bleeding Out Money
What’s Working
How often does it gets updated

Our PPC Audits Include A Thorough Review Of Your PPC Portfolio’s Structure, Historical Performance, Use Of Fundamental PPC Best Practices And Other Advanced PPC Opportunities To Ensure That You Obtain The Best Results From Your PPC Efforts.

What Will Happen Then, I Will Send You A Full Detailed Questionnaire In Order To Conduct The Plan The Right Plan For Your Successful Campaign.

The PPC Management Pros At Tomorrow’s Online Marketing Can Help You Get In Front Of The People Looking For What You Offer, At A Price You Can Afford.

Our Simple, Effective, Four-Step Methodology Is What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition. There Are Many PPC Companies That Are Google Partners, Just Like We Are, But Very Few Who Can Consistently Generate Leads For Their Clients, Regardless Of Industry.

You’ve Probably Heard Of Google AdWords. You May Have Even Run A PPC Campaign Or Two. And That Was Probably Just Enough For You To Know That You Don’t Know Enough To Really Get The Most Out Of This Kind Of Strategy.

The PPC Management Pros At Tomorrow’s Online Marketing Can Help You Get In Front Of The People Looking For What You Offer, At A Price You Can Afford.

Our Simple, Effective, Four-Step Methodology

Goal Setting

We Take The Time To Get To Know Your Business And How It Could Benefit From An Effective PPC Campaign. Then We Work With You To Set Goals

Campaign Setup

Ads will be crafted based on the extensively researched keyword list to encourage your potential customers to take action, ultimately turning passive searchers into engaged prospects..

Strategy Dev.

The Famous Saying “Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail” Definitely Holds True In The PPC World. That’s Why We Thoroughly Analyze Your Business–As Well As The Competition. From There, We’ll Compile A List Of Keywords And Establish A Strategy For Your Campaign That Gives Us A Clear Path Forward But Allows The Flexibility To Adjust As We Go.

Ongoing Maintenance

Throughout the duration of your campaign, we will be conducting ongoing testing, analyzing results, tweaking the strategy, and optimizing the ads for a better return.