They had everything for them. They were two highly skilled practitioners, graduated from prestigious universities, won awards. They invested heavily in their new practice, but growth was slow, if not stagnant. All their patients came from word of mouth or referral. They needed a growth engine. They had a website, but the visits were low, while competitors who ranked high on Google seemed to grow faster and faster.a

Injecting local traffic to a dermatology practice

Campaign by the Numbers


most keywords valuable at the 1st position after 6 months


keywords on the 1st page of Google after 6 months


keywords on the 1st page of Google after 18 months

Providing the best skin care in the area

They opened their practice with one simple goal : providing the best care possible, with the most advanced technology available. The competition was more traditional on their solution, and they were sure they would make a dent in the local market. Their patients were happy, and, good thing, loyalty was high. But they needed more, faster, and wanted to focus only on what they are excellent at : dermatology. That’s where I intervened, leveraging local traffic to bring a new influx of patients.

Their Goal

Becoming the reference dermatologist on the local market 

Their natural network was referring to a steady influx of patients. But with all the investments done, they needed to take their practice to the next level. They knew they had the skills and competencies to become the go-to dermatologist in town. In the days where 77% of patients are searching for their doctor online, being on the top spot of Google was the way to go.

My Solution: Optimizing for Local Search

In the first month, I started by researching and creating a keyword strategy that focused on local keywords and booking intent. For example, my client’s website ranks in the top spot for “dermatologist + location”. Ranking for keywords that are based on geolocation is important for searches via mobile: 56% of searches are now made from smartphones and tablets. Up to half of all local searches resulted in inquiries and bookings via phone calls. I then focused on setting up the practice on popular business review sites and data aggregators. Specifically, Google My Business, Bing Local,, and Yelp plus up to 30 more sites that were healthcare-related. Critical to the review site and local situation strategy was ensuring that the name, address, and phone number ( NAP ) were accurate and consistent across review sites, their Facebook profile and their website. Consistent NAP data is a ranking factor for Google’s local search results. 93% of search results with local intent see Google’s local results. In the second month of the campaign and beyond, I continued building local citations which help give Google a clearer picture of my client's practice and their location.

Their Success: A Winning Strategy

After just 6 months of My Local SEO service, this dermatology clinic has become the new player locally. 12 months after, they are the reference


rank on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Local and Apple Maps


position in the local search results for 10 keywords

100 +

Visits to their website a month

Dominating Local Search

With an online presence reflecting their talent and skills, My clients have expanded their operations. They hired 2 more doctors, and are planning to create a satellite clinic on the other side of town to be able to treat the number of patients who are inquiring on a daily basis.


Right now, they rank :

10 keywords on 1st Position in Google

  • dermatologist {city}
  • dermatologist {region}
  • skin doctor {city}
  • skin doctor {region}

Globally :

34 Keywords in positions 1-3                               33 Keywords in positions 4-10                             76 Keywords in positions 11-20 For a total of 143 keywords on the first page of Google

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